What does implantation pain feel like and where does it occur?

implantation pain

Q: I was wondering what implantation pain feels like and where the pain occurs. The pain is mainly occurring on the left side of the bottom of my abdomen. I had slight spotting, that was light pink in color, that started yesterday (Sunday) morning and it ended the next morning (Monday), which was, then, more brownish in color. Does anyone know where the pain occurs and what it feels like? I am only two weeks into my cycle, and not suppose to start for another two weeks. I have been trying to conceive for over a year and I was recently put on the medication, Clomid. I am hoping that implantation is the reason for the pain and bleeding. Thank you for your help!

A1: Implantation can feel like nothing at all, cramping, or small twinges of pain. It all depends on you and everyone is different.
Look for other signs like tender breasts, tiredness, a stretching feeling in your ligaments, and cold symptoms.

A2: Many women feel some mild cramps or pain when implantation occurs. Some women also experience light bleeding. The bleeding will not be heavy. It should be light and brown or light pink in color. Implantation usually occurs 12 days after ovulation. The pain should never be severe. If the pain is severe or you experience any fever or chills, you should call your doctor right away. This maybe a sign of an ectopic pregnancy.

A3: The pain is minor if any. Everyone has a different pain tolerance, and if your pain tolerance is high you might not feel anything at all. It is normal if you experience light bleeding, but if you are having heavy bleeding or major pain, then you should go see your doctor immediately as you might be having complications. There may be some cramping and other minor symptoms, but you shouldn’t have any severe symptoms.